Meiji Shrine

In fact, when you go there, you can see that there are only foreigners around and that this is one of the most popular tourist spots in Tokyo as a whole.

What is Meiji Shrine?
Meiji Shrine is a shrine dedicated to Emperor Meiji and Empress Akinori.For a moment, it’s natural enough to forget being in a big city, and it’s also famous as a power spot.
It is a popular spot among Japanese, and the first visit (first visit to a shrine at the beginning of this year) usually attracts the best visitors in Japan.

When I get off Harajuku Station, I find people going to Harajuku-dori and Yoyogi Park, starting with Meiji Jingu Shrine.
To the right, you can see a big torii.Many people here took pictures of this torii.

Passing through the torii, you will find people on the right-hand side.It seems like they rent a kimono and take a picture of it.

Going further, many sake are offered to the right.This is an offering to God.A wine barrel is also offered to the left.
This is also a popular shooting spot for foreigners, and many people took pictures.

Going further, there is another big torii.This is said to be the largest and largest cypress shrine torii in Japan.
By the way, when you pass through the torii, you pass by the end.The center is the way of God.In addition, it is customary to take off your hat, stop and bow.


Just as the main building appears, there’s a waterworks house on the left.Here, you clean your hands and mouth.
・The art of making hand-water
Pour water into the ladle, wash your left hand, and then wash your right hand.Then she took the water from the ladle into her palm and rinsed her mouth.Finally, put the ladle back in place.


It is finally Meiji Jingu Honten.From the first torii to this point, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes.
There are big trees on either side of the main shrine, and underneath them are money-boxes and picture-horses.

・A way of visiting a shrine
To the god of worship, bow twice deeply.Then he clapped his hands twice in front of his chest.I’ll say one last word.It’s also called biceps and two clapping.

On the left side of the main hall are omikuji.The omikuji are considered to reflect the will of God.
The order of fortune varies according to the shrine, but basically it is from Daikichi to Koukichi to Koukichi to Koukichi to Koukichi.
But Meiji Jingu is not a omikuji, but a waka poem by the Emperor.Let’s take it as a message from the Emperor.

On the right side of the main hall is a place to offer picture horses.Ema is a wooden board dedicated to a shrine or temple for the sake of prayer or in gratitude for the prayer.
If you go to the left hand of an ema, you will find a temple.
In the temple, a big drum is struck, a purification ceremony is performed, and a congratulatory speech is performed.After this, the shrine maidens dance kagura with seasonal flowers in their hands.

Unfortunately, it was not allowed to take photos inside.However, I would like you to experience the harsh atmosphere.
I also recommend buying a charm on my way home.

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